Potato Queen

Potato Queen

Monday, October 21, 2013

My life so far and my potato queen thoughts

Hi folks I'm back from a week long hiatus.  Ive been so busy lately, I'm sure you want to bitchslap me all the way to Bangkok! Wait I may like the slapping!  Just kidding.  I'm not proposing anything though.

Well I've had a hell of a week though from people visiting me out of state to hanging out with friends who live here in Orlando, picking a car up from a friend who got arrested that had a suspended license to babysitting a friend at a club who's a crazy drunk.  Phew I need to get out of Orlando! Just kidding for now I'll be in the lovely state of Florida.

As for my personal life, I've been meh lately.  I'm still adjusting to living by myself, it just sounds depressing when I think about it.  The past couple years I've been so used to living with a roommate to go out with and talk with and I don't have that luxury anymore.  I'm a twink lil Asian living alone in Orlando FL.  Help me! I do manage though.  I'll think I'll make it.  But I have that ultimate desire to start anew.  Start a new life, still do the type of job I love but in a new city.

Oh some of you wanted an update of where I move to.  I've decided that I want to finish grad school in either San Francisco or Berkeley.  I applied to both of them and now I'm anxiously waiting for the answer in the coming weeks.  But most of all if I do move to the Bay Area I will be living in Oakland where rent is cheaper and I still have access to mass transportation into the city also I will have my car if need be. Now that's enough of my personal life.

Now onto my personal thoughts, a lot of you wonder why a lot of gay Asians prefer other races(preferably white) than their fellow Asians?

One of the reasons are:


 I never heard the acronym PWC until a couple days ago.  I was at the bar a couple days ago when one of my only Asian friends brought up that acronym.  I asked what was that? My friend is a fellow potato queen and I do admit (not to put out his business out there) he's a total slut but he does have enough experience to talk about it.  So he explained

PWC=power of the white cock

He explained to me that white cock was so holy, that he truly enjoys riding it and taking it all versus a taking another Asians cock and then there was really no intimacy/being vanilla that where was no connection for him there while for a white guy it was totally there romantically and emotionally.  (Believe it or not that was what he said. ).

We went on with the night and enjoyed our drinks and he did end up with a guy taking him home and I ended up driving home alone but I was fine with that.  If I wanted sex I have my own waiting list, just kidding on that ;), but if you took a look at my Grindr I have 165 conversations to sort through.  That's way too many.  So sex wise I know I'm covered.

Now onto my personal thoughts of the PWC.

I've had my share of boys and men, of all shades of the rainbow believe it or not.  I'm very open minded.  However intimately I'm really into white guys and I do admit some Latinos.  I've seen many cocks in my lifetime (when I say that I think I'm a slut but we all had our slutty phase) but I think Latinos reign the title of the best cocks I've ever had.  So the oscar goes to......*drum roll please...... Latinos! Ha.

Now please intercourse me and strip me of my title the potato queen! Just kidding.

To me, Latinos are really passionate and know how to love and rock your world.  But I'm still impartial to white guys, they are cute and love able.  Not to mention if they wear glasses and are dorky they turn me on.  I myself I'm a dorky and geeky guy.  Also the facial structure just attracts to me that way.  The squintier the eyes the less I'm going to be attracted to.  Call me picky but that's how I am.  But I do have my phases, I used to be a sticky rice lover so I still find some Asians attractive.  Just depends on my mood I guess.  But anywaysI still managed to find love in my youth and I'm still 25 years young.

Well that's all folks for the time being.  Until next time.  Stay tuned for my thoughts of my counterparts who love me :) The rice queens!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

oh white guys oh white guys oh white guys...oh my potato queen introduction!

Well let me at least introduce myself at least, 
Hi My Name is Albert, and I'm a potato queen and proud about it.  Well at least I got that introduction out of the way. 

People ask what's a potato queen?  Well in the gay world, a potato queen is an Asian guy who is into white guys. So I'm sure you get it.  Potato=white, queen=gay.  That's pretty much the breakdown of a potato queen.  Now my counterparts of the other side of the spectrum are rice queens.  Rice queens are basically white guys who are TOTALLY into Asians.  They are virtually like honed onto asians like radar is on detecting planes.  I have a rice queen friend who basically zones off when he sees other Asians and basically fantasizes about that Asian guy, oh the possibilities right.  As they say it never hurts to dream right?

Now my third counterparts are basically....wait you're thinking there's more? yep there's more.  They are called Sticky Rice.  Sticky Rice is basically Asians making love to other Asians and they don't mind that.  Rice Queens are basically jealous of sticky rice Asians because they want them all!  I used to be in the sticky rice category, til after my first relationship that lasted for 3 years, but after that so I decided change gears and go for white guys, which I'm on my current quest for the perfect one!  

And yes this military Asian is gay!  Sorry ladies, I do not swing that way!  Even though I love you to death, intimately down there is definitely not going to happen!  Yes I am single!  That pretty much settles it :P

Now as for me, as for my dating life, maybe it could be better by moving west or north?  I'm currently deciding that right now, because I think my options are really limited here in Florida.  Keep in mind, I'm not just basing my life on my dating life, wants and love needs, but I'm basing it on culture, city life, better chances at friendships and a community I can call home.  I'm slowly looking into the research on where I would like to be! 

Stay tuned for more of my thoughts as the days go on by :).